Monday, 1 July 2013

Bringing a Chinese ghost town to a city near you...

A really strange proposal is doing the rounds of Macquarie Street (headquarters of the NSW State governement).  Described in glowing terms by the Sydney Morning Herald as the brainchild of a former Macquarie banker and parliamentarian Ros Cameron (who else but infrastructure infamous MacBank?) and his backers have managed to cobble together a proposal which would tear up the fabric of Sydney and all cherished planning and development standards of the city.  Oh for a buck sure.  But do Messrs Cameron and others really think Unions would allow foreign low cost labourers to be imported with the  materials (they blocked Gina Reinhart from doing something similar)? Or that politicians would forgo the local job creation of such a large city changing project?

In case you are guessing, the Cameron led proposal seeks to take a Chinese building site and dump it in Sydney, switching some transport pathways to do so.  The plan is original and does offer a fresh approach but seems over the top - absolutely everything shipped in and dumped in the centre of Sydney  with 150 prefabricated skyscrapers?

Who would fill these?  Who would buy them?  Who would think they could pass approval? or be safe?

No it seems this is an overdone proposal - possibly for consumption only.  It seems likely that this is a PR circulation to soften up the population for some more subtle changes - low cost import workers here or poor cheaper construction there.  Watch this space.

Political objectives aside the proposed development could be seen as another world famous China export - of big, not very appropriate cities and buildings, many of them empty.  For example!

Australia is certainly taking all things Chinese to heart! (Ghost cities link here)

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