Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Times changing for big Aussie banks...

Some details about CBA and ANZ shifting their strategies to meet new challenges - CBA stripping back its balance sheet to meet stricter capital requirements (although question if a recent private wealth scandal had anything to do with it) and ANZ looking to expand beyond Asia.

But changing is hard to do and to what extent will problems in the core outweigh any escape attempts at the periphery? Mutterings of increasing mortgage insurance costs don't bode well.

Interestingly though there seems to be a divergence between those with a domestic focus at the moment (CBA and Westpac) and those focussing overseas (ANZ and NAB).  It was noted previously that CBA and Westpac have larger domestic lending books and as this article indicates they are busier than ANZ and NAB due to integration of their Australian subsidiary groups (BankWest, Bank of Melbourne, St George, Bank of SA).

In the event of Ozzie contagion could it be that ANZ and NAB survive better due to less local exposure? Could be worth a study of long/short strategies!

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