Wednesday, 28 August 2013

RBNZ acts, RBA where are you?!

Sharp criticism from Stephen Koukoulas at Business Spectator:

There have not been many instances in the past decade or so where economic policy changes in New Zealand have presented a template or lead for Australia. After all, New Zealand is only just recovering from a recession that Australia never experienced, it’s per capita GDP is more than 40 per cent lower than in Australia and it has net government debt at 36 per cent of GDP compared with Australia’s 12 per cent.Confronted by an uncomfortable house price surge at a time when the economy is only just gaining a foothold after the recession and when the New Zealand dollar is significantly overvalued, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand has a dilemma. It clearly is reluctant to hike interest rates as this would obviously risk choking off growth and reflating the Kiwi dollar, but it needs to stifle housing demand as the house price surge is threatening to become a troublesome bubble.(here)

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