Monday, 18 February 2013

Japan selling early shot in the currency war?

Or just simply smart money leaving?  Either way it signals a reversal of fundamentals for Australia.

......If we isolate the November and December MoF numbers for 2012, the pace of selling was even more aggressive. Almost A$8bn of Australian assets was sold in those two months alone by Japanese investors. That is an all time record and gives a clear sense of how aggressive this selling was... 

...Since Abenomics began in November 2012, total foreign bond purchases have not accelerated (chart 2) but the regional rotation has accelerated. Monthly MoF data show strong buying of core Europe (¥817bn per month), tiny selling of peripheral Europe and New Zealand (-¥7bn and -¥9bn), negligible buying of the US (¥2bn per month), significant selling of Australia (-¥235bn), and a meaningful increase into EM Asia and Latin America (¥73bn and ¥159bn, respectively)....(here).

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