Tuesday, 9 April 2013

This is what a post boom world looks like...

The market oracles have been showing a glimpse of the future, with an Aussie miner suffering a share price slump following a buyout to a Chinese investor falling through:

...SUNDANCE Resources plunged in early trading after the iron-ore explorer terminated a planned takeover by China's Sichuan Hanlong Group....Sundance shares tumbled by more than half after the mining company said late yesterday that the $1.38 billion takeover wouldn't proceed because the Chinese investment group had missed key deadlines to finance the deal. (here).
...“They have to start from scratch now when economic conditions are a lot more difficult,” said Mine Life’s Wendt. “It’s not going to be easy for them to go out there to find investors because of the more concerning outlook for iron ore demand and iron ore prices and it’s significantly harder to attract funding for high capex projects.”(here).
Meanwhile in other sectors:
...Fitch Ratings has delivered a fresh blow to the upstream liquefied natural gas industry in Australia, tipping more cost blowouts and delays and calling into question the viability of some projects in the pipeline. ...Australia's competitive advantage in the sector is eroding on the back of increased costs and risks, and likely lower gas prices over the medium term, the agency said....
...Fitch also said predicted producers would be forced to sell-down assets...."Rising execution and development risks will force project sponsors of these LNG projects to dilute equity stakes or undertake sales of infrastructure and reserves," Fitch said in a statement. (here).
And with a slowdown comes more fraud:
...A Melbourne professor has warned that hardware and software used for tax fraud is likely in secret use by Australian businesses....The technologies, known as zappers or phantomware, can help a business remove sales from their tax records....Zappers are physical devices used to prevent sales transactions from appearing on a business' records... Phantomware is a class of software that creates virtual sales terminals. It can be used for legitimate staff training, but is also used to keep sales transactions off the books... (here).

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