Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Will Australia rebalance? Has any economy rebalanced?

No and no.  Not in the short term anyway.  Whenever you read about politicians and/or bureaucrats having to engineer a rebalancing or engineer a soft landing, you know they will not succeed.  An excellent FT article paints the picture: 

...many forecasters are still worried. They do not believe business investment will be a major driver of growth and argue the Australian economy will have to rely even more heavily on housing construction to meet the RBA’s 2013 GDP growth forecast of 2.5 per cent....As such, they reckon the central bank, which has lowered its benchmark cash rate by 175 basis points since November 2011, will be forced to cut again to stimulate demand....

....“I think we are more of a quarry than what we were 50 years ago and that worries me. The strong mining cycle can’t last forever, that’s inevitable,” Bob Every, the chairman of retail and resources conglomerate Wesfarmers, told a gathering of business leaders in Sydney earlier this month. (here)

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