Monday, 27 May 2013

Dump the banks!

It is early at this stage to tell how the skid to the rally in Australian banking stocks is likely to play out, but a quick skim of the headlines is enough to suggest a real evaporation in sentiment:

Dollar puts an end to banking's party 
Our much-loved bank shares are coming under pressure, although at this stage it looks not so much a violent pricking of the bubble, but a gentle deflating like the forgotten balloon behind the couch after the raucous party (here).

Australian bank stocks fell the most in a year as investors sold out of a rally that had driven financial shares to a record high last month....The rally pushed bank shares to record highs with UBS AG (UBSN) analysts led by Jonathan Mott calling Commonwealth Bank the most expensive lender in the world on May 15. 
 “The market run has been so skewed towards high-yielding stocks and financials in Australia, and now with worries about China, foreign investors are withdrawing,(here)
and also:
Foreign investors dump big four banks 
The Australian dollar faces further sharp losses in the next 12 months as it rediscovers its historic link to commodity prices, analysts say.
The dollar sank to a fresh 11-month-low of 95.94 yesterday. It was trading at 96.8 US cents this afternoon following a rollercoaster overnight session....The revised forecasts from analysts come as HSBC flagged Australia’s entry into the global “currency war”, which has seen central banks print billions in cash to push their currencies lower (here)

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