Thursday, 2 May 2013

Learning to live with a deficit...

Optimistic Australians are taking some getting used to the idea that the good times are over.  At least those in government.  While it has been pointed out that being in a small deficit is no huge deal for a country like Australia, the huge disappointment due to misaligned expectations is indicative of a ruling class which is out of touch with the economic mood - needing to tighten instead of dreaming up grand spending plans:

Collapsing revenue from lower company profits has blown a $12 billion hole in the federal budget this financial year, Prime Minister Julia Gillard will reveal on Monday...What she will categorise as a ''significant fiscal gap'' has forced a Hobson's choice on the government as it crafts the budget to be delivered on May 14: either trim or delay expensive recurrent programs, including the $14 billion disability insurance scheme and the $6 billion school education reforms or, hand down an even larger deficit in place of what only months ago was confidently forecast to be a small surplus (here)

And it is only down from here:

Australia's economy is the envy of the developed world but there is a question lurking at the back of economists' heads: when will the good times end?One prominent economist warns we could be in recession within two years once investment in the resources sector - the great driver of the economy for much of the past decade - drops off.....Meanwhile Dr Robert Gay, a former senior economist with the US Federal Reserve now working in the private sector with Fenwick Advisors, says Australia faces the prospect of a "perfect storm" of economic dangers in the not-too-distant future.....He warns a fall in commodity prices could be the catalyst for a particularly unpleasant economic downturn. (here)

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