Monday, 6 May 2013

Somebody thinks Australia's banks need stronger regulation...

Couldn't agree more... 
Australia came through the GFC pretty well compared to many nations but finance law specialist Professor Ross Buckley is looking overseas for ideas to improve the health of our banking system....Australia's relative success at navigating the GFC is no reason to be complacent, Professor Buckley, from the University of New South Wales' Centre for International Finance and Regulation says.
"We shouldn't expect Australia's financial system to be as stable today as it was in 2008," he said...."Various changes we made to Australia's financial system in response to the GFC should, over time, make it less stable, even though I think they were appropriate and clever things to do in 2008."
Professor Buckley has just taken up the new King & Wood Mallesons Chair of International Finance Law, established by law firm King & Wood Mallesons with a $1 million contribution. (here)

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